Expunging CRD Information for Stock Brokers on Broker Check

Posted On: December 9, 2011 by Law Offices of Ralph Behr

FINRA Rule 2080 is the stock broker’s most effective route to having a customer complaint removed from Broker Check. You know this because complaints are sent to FINRA on the member’s U5 report or your own U4 and then appear on Broker Check. Unless FINRA voluntarily decides to remove the complaint (for reasons go to Rule 2080) the only way to get them off is to file an In Re Expungement action in Federal Court. For a free review of your case send a copy of the complaint and the arbitrator's ruling that recommends expunction. Call me first so I can expect your mail. Ralph Behr, 888 SE Third Ave., Suite 400, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 or call: 1-800-761-3446.