How to Win a Claim against Your Broker

Posted On: July 7, 2011 by Law Offices of Ralph Behr

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s all in the paperwork. Remember when you signed up with that superstar? Remember the forms? Where are they? Did you keep them?
When I speak with clients the mantra is save your paperwork. Here’s why…..when you signed up with your “top” broker you filled out some forms about your risk tolerance. Risk tolerance? Yep! And when you file a FINRA claim against your fallen “superstar” over some Estonian CDO Hedge Fund that went long on Madoff notes….you want to parade in front of the FINRA arbitrators your risk tolerance as very low. If you don’t have your intake forms where are they? Your rising “star” has it in his computer and will promptly buy a new hard drive when you file with FINRA. So, here’s the deal…here’s what to do:
Call your “brilliant” broker’s Sales Assistant today, not tomorrow, and tell him/her you are re-building your paper files and need a copy of the original intake forms you signed. Get it today, before the market dips and you sing a chorus of the hobo broke blues. If you don’t you’ll be with the other 30,000,000 out of work and broke Americans who are living la dolce vita life on unemployment checks….for sixteen weeks…..then to the Church commissary for some canned vegetables. Get your paperwork today and I’ll greet you in my office with the good news that the claim was settled and here’s your check.