Posted On: November 17, 2010 by Law Offices of Ralph Behr

Most people think, or should think to ask the question, why do you need a stock broker fraud attorney to resolve claim? In fact you don't. Over 60% of the claims that are resolved through arbitration ultimately are won by the claimant. So why do you need a stockbroker fraud lawyer? The question becomes an especially financially painful one when you realize that the lawyer will be paid from the proceeds of your award. So why should you share your money with the lawyer? The answer is you don’t have to share, you shouldn’t have to share, and your recovery will most likely be greater: dollar for dollar. There are several ways to understand the question: first one is probably you will need some help in the arbitration proceeding, but they are relatively simple and you can do it without a lawyer. Another reason is that you will often get a larger recovery with a skilled litigator than you will without one. It may be true that most claimants have valid claims, but the extent that you can get a significant portion of your losses back depends on the method and content of presentation. A poorly prepared presentation can result in a less than complete recovery. A well grounded and complete presentation can get you a larger award. In a practical sense the portion of the recovery which goes to pay the lawyer may be insignificant compared to the greater amount you can recover by using a skilled and seasoned stockbroker fraud attorney. Remember reading in the paper that someone got a million dollars for a broken arm? Most people get $500. Why the difference? Ask the person who won the million dollar judgment and they’ll tell you it was the lawyer’s skill that won the award. Sharing a portion of the million leaves the litigant with more than $500.00 doesn’t it? Call a lawyer for a consultation; it will not be a waste of your time.