Pre-Pay your Rolls Royce lease or turn it In: change is a’comin!

Posted On: October 30, 2010 by Law Offices of Ralph Behr

Deer hunters know that the last day to see a four-pointer is the day before season opens. Rumors persist that deers shill for licenses to know opening day. And the best indicator of a falling stock market is the stiring of Securities Fraud Chartists, put down your charts. Counting dead-headed trucks? El Nino? Burpee seed catalogs? Forget it!! The penultimate, most reliable and proven indicator of the stock market are the bottom feeders we all love to hate, but keep on our speed dialers….Stock Broker Fraud Lawyers! Yes, they have cancelled their ski chalet reservations, sped up their divorces, and stoked their advertising budgets…the stock market's next quarter has been revealed! In the past month those practitioners who feast on market losses (claims by abused investors) have come alive. We are taking on staff, renting bigger offices and pricing those big Benz’s because we know that when the market falls our phones start ringing. Next Spring I will post my color selection of 2011 Bentley’s purchased by the misdeeds of today’s hottest stock brokers….soon to be your villain of focus. What to do? Start reading up on stock broker fraud lawyers so you have someone to call when you see your March 2011 statement. I’m not gloating; I’ve just been here since 1976.